The start of 2019 always leads everyone to start new projects, habits, goals, and more. One of the things I decided to start for the new year is bullet journaling. For those unfamiliar, a bullet journal is completely blank with faint dots on the pages. These journals draw a lot of people, so that you can completely customize your pages exactly as you want them. You can switch up layouts, choose pages, and do absolutely anything you want! I love the creativity behind it. I love making lists, and I thought a bullet journal would be a fun place to store my lists and anything else I want to keep track of.

Most people start of their journals with an index and a key. I have currently left two pages blank in the beginning of my journal. I plan on filling these in once it is completed. I definitely have to wait on the index. And I didn’t want to create a key until I know all of the symbols I will be using, As it is my first journal, I’m not quite sure yet what I’ll end up liking.

I tried to start a bullet journal at the beginning of 2018, but quickly gave up. I think I was trying to hard to copy the other beautiful journals I was seeing online, but it was quickly turning out to be not ideal for me. So my biggest tip for starting a bullet journal is to be yourself! Use it for reasons that are important to you. For example: a lot of people like to create weekly or daily planners in their journals. I have now realized that I simply have no interest in either. Maybe if I have a really exciting week, I will make an exception. But I was making these weekly plan pages, and I don’t do anything during the week! I go to work and then go home. I could maybe focus on weekend planners! But for now I am happy just adding an overall monthly planner periodically throughout the journal.

My January spread

I have compiled a list of page ideas for your inspiration. I have created most of these pages, or plan to make some soon!

bujo ideas-01

Do you have a bullet journal? What pages do you have or plan on making?! Below are a couple of spreads I really enjoy so far:

I wrote down this quote in response to a raw emotion. I really like the way it came out.
I decided to do a bio/ quick facts page. I like the idea that when I’m older I will have a collection of these journals to look back on. I thought that it would be good to remember some quick facts about where I was in life when I wrote each journal

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New year, new blog

Hi friends, all three of ya! This is my first blog post in about 3 or 4 months ☹️ and I’m just popping in real quick to say that things will be changing!


I started this blog with a goal of having it motivate me to do more traveling; I was going to be the “weekend wanderer”. I love to travel, but don’t have much luxurious vacation time to go very far. And this blog really did help! I had a fantastic year! I went to new places and experienced so many awesome things. However, I was starting to miss having quiet weekends; and planning so many adventures led to an even messier house (because instead of cleaning on the weekends, I was gallivanting Boston or Worcester or New York). And I also realized that travel is not my only passion. There are so many things that I love to jump around to and I need my weekends to fulfill all of those loves!

At some point this year I came across the term multipotentialite. And it really resonated with me. A multipotentialite is a person who has many different interests and creative pursuits in life. With all my crafting and art projects, along with bursts of passion for wellness, or cooking, or home improvement… I felt really connected to this new identity. I think a lot of us can relate, especially in this world of Pinterest and YouTube and Instagram… I love trying new things! And I also struggle with being in my twenties; trying to be the perfect housewife, while maintaining my creative passions, while working a full time job and paying the bills!

Anyway, I’m starting to babble, but I wanted to announce that my blog will be refocused this year. I will still post about my travels, but I also want to share with you my craft projects, recipes, and other trials going on in life.Hopefully there are others out there who can align themselves with my thoughts. And maybe my ramblings can help us connect! Cheers to 2019 ✨