The start of 2019 always leads everyone to start new projects, habits, goals, and more. One of the things I decided to start for the new year is bullet journaling. For those unfamiliar, a bullet journal is completely blank with faint dots on the pages. These journals draw a lot of people, so that you can completely customize your pages exactly as you want them. You can switch up layouts, choose pages, and do absolutely anything you want! I love the creativity behind it. I love making lists, and I thought a bullet journal would be a fun place to store my lists and anything else I want to keep track of.

Most people start of their journals with an index and a key. I have currently left two pages blank in the beginning of my journal. I plan on filling these in once it is completed. I definitely have to wait on the index. And I didn’t want to create a key until I know all of the symbols I will be using, As it is my first journal, I’m not quite sure yet what I’ll end up liking.

I tried to start a bullet journal at the beginning of 2018, but quickly gave up. I think I was trying to hard to copy the other beautiful journals I was seeing online, but it was quickly turning out to be not ideal for me. So my biggest tip for starting a bullet journal is to be yourself! Use it for reasons that are important to you. For example: a lot of people like to create weekly or daily planners in their journals. I have now realized that I simply have no interest in either. Maybe if I have a really exciting week, I will make an exception. But I was making these weekly plan pages, and I don’t do anything during the week! I go to work and then go home. I could maybe focus on weekend planners! But for now I am happy just adding an overall monthly planner periodically throughout the journal.

My January spread

I have compiled a list of page ideas for your inspiration. I have created most of these pages, or plan to make some soon!

bujo ideas-01

Do you have a bullet journal? What pages do you have or plan on making?! Below are a couple of spreads I really enjoy so far:

I wrote down this quote in response to a raw emotion. I really like the way it came out.
I decided to do a bio/ quick facts page. I like the idea that when I’m older I will have a collection of these journals to look back on. I thought that it would be good to remember some quick facts about where I was in life when I wrote each journal

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